Pokemon Reversal Damage

Pokemon Reversal Damage. Reversal doesn't have a standard power; Reversal view source history talk (0) reversal move information:

Metapod 4/108 Reverse Holo Pokemon Singles » XY from www.collectorscache.com

This means everything that would apply to a normal fighting move with that much power applies to it: Explore more cards back to top. Rather, it inflicts greater damage when the user's hp is lower.

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Pokémon with higher attack are more suited to reversal's physical damage, and have the stat highlighted in green. Pokémon that learn reversal by level up in pokémon brilliant diamond & shining pearl. Also unlike hyper mode, its activation does not use up a pokémon's.

Reversal Is A Strong Last Ditch Move For Supporting Pokemon.

You say houndoom's hp was 10% then you may have been off by 1% and it be 11% so it would have 100 base power for it, not a 150. It is perfectly normal, reversal is not weak it is just that mamoswine is bulky. Free prices and trends for pokemon reversal pokemon cards.

Has This Pokémon's Power Been Boosted By An Ally's Helping Hand?

Rather, it inflicts greater damage when the user's hp is lower. With 1 of his or her defending pokémon. the opponent chooses the defending, but the person playing the card chooses the benched. If heads, your opponent switches that pokémon.

If It Had 150 Base Power Then Houndoom Would Have Taken About 2/3 Of.

Inflicts more damage when the user's hp is down. Statistical attributes base power — accuracy. Reversal effect and pokemon that learn it | pokemon brilliant diamond and shining pearl (bdsp) ★ pokemon home support is now available!

Ignores Burn Halving Physical Damage.

48th 100% select the calculator's mode of function. Choose 1 of your opponent's benched pokémon. 109 rows reversal (move) effect.

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